The Brower CenterJosie Iselin, author; and Shilpi Chhotray, founder of Samudra Products; are pleased to present “The Curious World of Seaweed,” a presentation on the seaweeds of our Pacific coast and the science of ocean health. A book signing will take place after the program, with a 25% discount on books and Samudra products included with admission. “The Curious World of Seaweed” is Josie’s newly released book. Marine algae are the supreme eco-engineers of life: they oxygenate the oceans, create habitat for countless other organisms, and form the base of a food chain that keeps our planet unique in the universe as we know it. Shilpi Chhotray is the founder of Samudra Skin & Sea, a plant-based skincare line featuring wild harvested, local seaweed. By using clean ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and brand activism, their goal is to incentivize everyday consumers to be better stewards of our blue planet. Shilpi is also a plastic pollution activist and serves as the Senior Communications Officer for Break Free From Plastic, the global movement working to stop plastic pollution for good.