Art/Act: Youth – Wild Places

We are pleased to present Art/Act: Youth – Wild Places, the Brower Center’s annual exhibition showcasing work by Bay Area high school students that examines the intersection of environmentalism and art.

Today’s youth are powerful voices in the fight for an ecologically sound world, as evidenced by the many teen climate activists pushing for influential change. The chosen body of work for Art/Act: Youth – Wild Places explores the importance of connecting to wilderness in order to more fully appreciate, understand, and protect our natural world. The exhibiting students range from 9th through 12th grades and are enrolled in various art classes at Berkeley High School, Skyline High School, and Richmond High School. For Art/Act: Youth – Wild Places, students chose environmental subjects to explore through research and creation. Their commitment to highlighting both the beauty of nature as well as our human impact on the world shows this generation’s remarkable capacity for eco-leadership.

The David Brower Center’s Hazel Wolf Gallery, with its “art of advocacy” theme, continues in the Brower tradition by exhibiting the work of present-day artists working toward the same goals: art that advocates for nature, for biological and cultural diversity, for environmental justice, and for planetary salvation. This exhibition underscores the Brower Center’s vision to nurture young environmental artists by fostering a community that supports and inspires their work, with the ultimate goal of empowering the next generation of changemakers.

Art/Act: Youth – Wild Places is made possible through the generosity of the Berkeley Civic Arts Program & Civic Arts Commission, Dharma Merchant Services, Swanky Catering & Events, and the Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Foundation.



Unexpected times call for unexpected measures. The COVID-19 pandemic led us to close our doors to the public early into the run of this show, and so we have created our first digital exhibition to help amplify youth voices even while we shelter in place. Explore the gallery below.

  • Art/Act: Youth - Wild Places, class of Kimberley D'Adamo Green.

Berkeley High School class of Kimberley D’Adamo Green
Soft Sculptures

Isabel Augustine, Gabriella Busansky, Kalea Fields, Allison King, Molly Mclean, Liliana Mironova, Elise Nudel, Liz Sanchez, Nelleke Scheffy, Sylvie Wood, Cennino Zipser, Mary Calderon Sanchez, Raul Bottrell-Rogers, Hanna-Tineke Gohlke, Sasha Gomes Libova, Kahlil Gould-Bayba, Sarah Hartman, Ella Horn, Elsa Huynh, Romy Jervis, Ella Mahmood, Aoibhinn Mcginley, Corinna Mae Luce, Charlotte Otten, Piper Owsley, Mia Skoble, Chloe Tripier, Elias Urbina, Emma Walter

  • Art/Act: Youth - Wild Places, class of Gabriel Berent.

Berkeley High School class of Gabriel Berent
Photography and Digital Design

Micah Ancell, Emily Beckett, Miles Cull, Lucas Cutter, Nicolas M. Distasi, Mexica Greco, Fischer Lynt, Abigail Parolek, Liam Peternell, Benjamin Policy, Evan Richardson, Isabel Rubin-Saika, Katherine Southern, Estelle Strader, Argil Tool, Isabel Velazquez, Akira Wengrofsky

  • Art/Act: Youth - Wild Places, Richmond High School class of Deryk Hudson.

Richmond High School class of Deryk Hudson
Mixed Media  

Daniela Santos, Jocelyn Alvarez, Cathy Barba, Gustavo Ochoa, Hailey Ramos, Citlaly Estrada, Jose Sanchez, Cruz Gonzalez, Mariella Camarena, Danae Escalante, Saul Morales, Emili Navarro Mejia, Kimberly Mazariegos, Eduardo Resendiz, Brenda Aceves, Kaylee Barron, Rampresslyn Garcia, Elham Albadani, Yeison Sontay, Gavin San Juan, Damanian Almazan, Estephany Berrios, Bessy Guzman, Maria Luna, Andy Hernadez, Adriana Aguilar

  • Art/Act: Youth - Wild Places, Skyline High School class of Jamie Treacy.

Skyline High School class of Jamie Treacy
Scratchboard and Oil Paintings

William E. Chachagua-Castro, Cassie M. Giner-Martin, Mariyah Jackson, Taylor A. Lowe, Micaela L. Machuca, Rosemary F. Marshall, Melinda Martin Perez, Kaelene Meas, Jaela Nero, Isabella J. Plourde, Timothy O. Burum, Emily Calderon Tadeo, Erica Chau, Jennifer Corona Zamora, Desiree M. Escobar-Sang, Michelle Le, Yvonne Thai, Christina S. Wu, Naomi C. Zaro, Nyomi Waiting, Christopher M. Carrillo, Andrea C. Floriano-Cruz, Jasmine Gallegos, Christine T. Legados, Zhuo Yan Liu, Maya C. Looney, Irma Nathaly Mendoza-Gomez, Jade Loan H. Pham, Havana S. Rooke, Naomi C. Zaro, Cassie Giner-Martin

  • Art/Act: Youth - Wild Places, Skyline High School class of Rachel Kantor.

Skyline High School class of Rachel Kantor
Mixed Media

Neftalie Sunshine Bautista, Xavier Carradine, Citlalli Garcia-Rodriguez, Ingrid Rainey, Jackeline Rivera, Naqada Rowland, Ivon Sedano-Meza, Josue Torres, Driahna Washington, Christina Wu, Jingyi Zhou, Christopher Carrillo, Alexander Hennings, America Hernandez, Cyanne Hett, Samantha Ivey, Christine  Legados, Daniel Macmillan, Kaia Marchetti Rose, Maria Celeste Medina, Milan Meraz, Lynn Nguyen, Gladys Perez-Calmo, Angela Pinzon, Sascha Miel Rogers, Havana Rooke, Tiffany Tran, Olivia Viale, Helen von Kugelgen


[Image: detail, Wild Places by Gustavo Ochoa, Richmond High School]