Grade 10, Skyline High School (Oakland)

Plastics are made up of polymers, repeating chains of molecules, that make them durable and useful, but difficult to break back down to individual atoms.

In our chemistry class, students created several types of polymers themselves. From long chain to cross-linked polymers, they explored the many ways that plastics have taken over almost every facet of life—highlighting our need for more sustainable ways of reusing, rejecting, or disposing of them.

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Selected Artist Statements

“I would love to see my art inspire people who are not as aware of the issue with plastics. Often times, people only tap on the surface of this growing issue.

I would like myself, and my art, to let people realize the reality of the long-lasting effects from plastics and how it’s not just a problem for the environment around us to face. It is an issue caused by us and everyone/everything on this planet is involved in this situation.”

– Felicia Tom

“I hope this inspires someone to try and find a new creation with polymers that can replace plastics and aren’t harmful to the environment.”

– Anonymous

“Art activism…can impact how you see different global issues and different strategies to solve them.”