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A love affair—that is my story—a life in which my heart possesses no sense of self.

I was meditating by a waterfall when suddenly I couldn't perceive my heartbeat as hard as I was searching for it…a sense of levitating calmness impregnated my soul. My heart was no longer part of my physical presence, but the spiritual tunnel that connects with every single being.

Manifesting in the interrelationship between “every” and “one” is Mama Gaia. She is the river that flows in your arteries and veins, the wind that fills every breath, and the mountain that bears our flesh. From the universe’s womb arises all visible beings and invisible souls. And love is the cosmic connection that links us to the singularity. Not only are we bonded by the threads of love, we use our love to weave the cosmic fabric against which each of our thoughts resonate. But our ignorance led our ego to narcissistically deny such existences, ergo fabricating a sense of loneliness. We’ve been blinded because, in the presence of immense love, we chose to thrust the dagger of cowardice into our eyes.

Art gives the abstract a form and the concrete a fluid soul. I work to capture and illustrate the dialectical relationship between the two, to apprehend the oneness among all things opposite. I am the messenger who listens and talks to all and none, & therefore I am.

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY Shantré Pinkney

VIDEOGRAPHY BY Field Station Media