There’s not much else on our minds these days but the upcoming election. We put our heads down to unpack what’s on our ballots and what is at stake with environmental issues, and encourage you to use these resources to do the same!

Note: These do not constitute endorsements. This is a roundup of resources shared by our staff and tenant community. Your vote is your own. Please use it.

ℹ️  Voter Registration & Info One-Stop-Shops ℹ️

🌱 General Resources: Voting for the Environment 🌱

🇺🇸  National + State: California’s Ballot Measures 🇺🇸

🌁  Local Bay Area: State + County + City Ballot Measures 🌁

  • Alameda County Green Party Voter Guide (detailed PDF)
    This detailed voter guide is a useful resource even for those who don’t align perfectly with the Green Party because it provides detailed rationales for each suggestion, making it easier to understand what’s on the ballot. It covers all measures on the ballot in Alameda County including city measures. 
  • Berkeley Measure HH: Creating a Climate Equity Action Fund
    This opinion piece gives details about the measure to create a Climate Equity Fund to to help reduce the impacts of climate change on low-income populations, as well as other opportunities to vote for climate resilience through Measure FF and Alameda County Measure W. The Ecology Center is hosting a Zoom event to learn more about Measure HH on October 14th!
  • East Bay DSA Endorsements
    This guide includes endorsements for state-wide propositions as well as ones at the county and city level across the East Bay. DSA only takes positions that they believe strongly align with their values, so their endorsements are few and confident. 
  • Richmond Progressive Alliance Voter Guide
    Contra Costa County, you’re not forgotten! The Richmond Progressive Alliance has shared its positions on state propositions as well as on all of the county and district level issues on the ballot for Richmond and Contra Costa. 
  • San Francisco Chronicle’s 2020 Voter Guide
    This interactive guide outlines every race and measure on the Bay Area’s ballot, with links to the Chronicle’s corresponding articles where you can read more about each issue. For each endorsement, there is also a corresponding editorial on the rationale behind their position.
  • San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters
    This voter guide takes positions on state, county, and city level endorsements for San Francisco. It includes justifications for their positions and extensive information sharing to help you learn more about the issues and make informed decisions of your own.
  • San Francisco Public Press’s Nonpartisan Voter Guide
    This independent voter guide gives background on every single proposition and race that San Francisco voters will be facing, complete with brief audio summaries, recorded statements from candidates themselves, transparency on funding sources, and links to further reporting on the issues.