The Brower Center and Inferno Theater are pleased to present Metamorphoses, adapted by Giulio Cesare Perrone from Ovid’s masterpiece. Six people go to the forest to plant some trees and save the earth. They discover a fantastic world populated by animals, plants, live music and mythical creatures.The result is a spectacular, dramatic, clever dialogue between mythological creatures, humans and animals about the future of all life on our planet. Together they discover that they are on an epic quest to save the ecosystem, and ultimately themselves, from extinction.

Metamorphoses takes on interrelated environmental issues such as evolution, its effects on different species through natural selection, and its effects in response to human interaction/habitat loss. Nature, in the form of the character Gaia, uses her forces and power to counter human damage to the ecology of the planet and to other species. The result is a dramatic, ferocious dialogue between mythological characters, humans, and animals, exacerbated by the manner in which humans relate to and treat the ecosystem, and with nothing less than the future of all life on the planet at stake. Design elements for the show will incorporate natural, sustainable, and recycled materials.

Doors will open at 6pm with performance beginning at 6:30pm.