June 10 - August 27, 2010

Presented in partnership with International Rivers and the Madera Group 

The result of an international collaboration, the David Brower Center’s current exhibition is an homage to those who fight to defend rivers and the people who depend on them. With striking imagery by celebrated photographers such as Robert Dawson, “Water, Rivers and People” shows inspiring examples of rivers that have been protected by citizen action, as well as community-led efforts to provide water for people in affordable, sustainable and effective ways.

Riverine communities around the world, from California to Cambodia, have faced similar damage to their natural resources and social cohesion, and have faced repression and disregard of their cultures and opinions. This exhibition is a testament to the vibrancy of the international movement to protect rivers and assert the rights of river-dependent communities.

The exhibit features case studies of rivers and dams, other destructive water projects and policies such as mines and privatization, as well as river protection and community water-supply success stories. All texts are available in English and Spanish.

Featured photographers include Rogelio Allepuz, Steve Benson, Francesca Casciarri and Eirik Linder, Robert Dawson, Frontera Images / Gonzolo Pérez, Conchita Guerra, Roberto Bear Guerra, Roberta Guimarães, Pierre Montavon, Luc Olivier, Karen Retief, Karen Robinson, James Rodriguez, J.F. Souchard, Brent Stirton / Getty Images, Luo Wen-Da.


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