Many members of our community are beginning to have questions about what reopening may look like for the Brower Center. While we are not there yet, know that our top priority is to keep you and our community safe. We are working on a pandemic response plan and will be instituting several changes to building operations. We will provide a full plan when more details are available, but here are a few updates to share for now:

  • We will modify use of the building for social distancing best practices, asking everyone to wear face masks when entering and moving around the building, as well as maintaining rigorous cleaning and disinfecting. 
  • Physical barriers will be installed at our front desk and we will be limiting staff time in our Administrative Office.
  • Signage with social distancing directives will be placed throughout the building along with other directives for entry and exit and elevator use.
  • Resident Organizations will be responsible for ensuring that their own office suites comply with the guidance. Please give careful consideration to continuing remote work schedules if possible, staggering work schedules in the office, reorganizing the workspace to allow adequate social distancing between employees, and instituting policies for safe use of shared office space and equipment.

Click here to find guidance from the State of California on office workspaces. We will continue to update you as we learn together and as State and County orders change. Please note that the County restrictions may be stricter than the State of California and the stricter directive takes precedence. 

Although we don’t yet have a date of when we will be able to reopen the Brower Center, know that we are doing everything we can now to provide a safe return!