Brower Center 2013 Juried Show

Photo by Charlie Nucci
Land, Use
Winter 2012 exhibit

How are physical gathering places significant, relevant, evolving?  What does a sense of place mean today?

Congregating is the working title for the Center’s second annual juried exhibition, set to open in May 2013.  It will address issues and questions around this theme. 

We live in an increasingly remote world.  We can communicate with each other from almost anywhere, shop without leaving our homes and conduct business, research, and even complete an education from a personal computer.  What does this mean for political, social, and communal engagement?

Movements coalesce in places where people can see each other and communicate directly: the Occupy movement in Zuccotti Park and around the United States, Martin Luther King, Jr. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Tiananmen Square, and many more.

Community centers, theaters, museums, places of worship, farmers markets, county fairs and street festivals all offer similar opportunities – how are they relevant in today’s world?  Why is the act of getting together in an actual place still important?  This exhibition will explore various perspectives on the significance and potential of physical gathering spaces.


René de Guzman, senior curator of art at the Oakland Museum of California
Cheryl Haines, director of Haines Gallery and founder of the FOR-SITE Foundation
Ann Hatch, philanthropist, founder of The Workshop Residence and Capp Street Project and cofounder of the Oxbow School
Amy Tobin, Executive Director of the David Brower Center

More information coming soon...